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#1 Way to Be Your Own Boss

The secret to becoming your own boss and having all the freedom and control you want in your job or career is really not a secret at all. There is really no special way to climb to the top faster, make more money by brown nosing or even working harder. The real secret is to become your own boss today no matter what you are doing.

What does this mean? It means that despite what what we have been taught all these years, we are in 100% control of our destiny. People constantly think they deserve to be promoted and get raises because they have been there long enough, and because they do their job everyday and don’t screw up too bad. That’s ridiculous.

Today we have quit looking at how much value we give to an organization, and only focus on being better than the guy who shows up late, steals, and leaves early and because we are not as bad as him we expect raises and promotions. Since when did we become a society that rewards mediocrity?

Did you know that 95% of Americans end up dead broke at age 65? It’s because we have given others control of our lives by being mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, many of you are probably very good at your jobs and do work very hard but when was the last time you showed up really early, stayed later and did a little more that day than you were supposed to without expecting anything in return.

We will put in a little more effort if our boss says she will pay us extra or there is some kind of incentive but honestly when was the last time you did something extra at work without expecting anything in return. Be honest. I was once there too until I realized the only one in control of my future is me.

If you owned your own company wouldn’t you do whatever it took to make it successful? Wouldn’t you be the first there in the morning and the last to leave at night? You would work harder, contribute wherever you could and do a little more than was expected every day.

I’m here to tell you that you do own your own company. It’s called “You Inc.” You are the only one in control of your future. It sounds like some kind of gimmick, but if you are serious about getting more opportunities in your life, want to make more money, and have more freedom then I will challenge you to do something for 30 days.

Over the next 30 days try and be 15 – 30 minutes early every single morning. Try and be the last or one of the last to leave the office or the job site every day. Don’t sit and twiddle your thumbs for this time, but try and do one more thing every day. Just when you think your day is done think of one more thing you could do. Take the initiative or ask your boss “what else can I do today?”

Don’t limit your future any longer, start this challenge today and let me know what you find. I can guarantee that if you honestly do this for yourself over the next 30 days, it will change your life for the next 30 years and more.

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