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10 Characteristics of a Motivated Individual

How do you tell that someone is highly motivated? What are some of the signs that you are highly – motivated in your job, tasks allocated to you? What motivates a person is what moves him. It is that thing that they pursue with all their tenacity, faith, hope and determination. They do not take “no” for an answer when it comes to that particular subject. Recall and remember the time when you were at your peak in terms of performance and results. The qualities you possessed then are still in you and they may be dormant, but not dead.

I would like to share ten qualities of a highly motivated individual with you.

1. A motivated individual is unrelenting and tenacious, he takes a bite at something like a bulldog and does not let go no matter what happens. Storms will come and the sun won’t shine sometimes but what drives that individual is stronger than external circumstances.

2. A motivated individual like a long distance marathon runner or tri – athlete endures hardship and maintains his high energy levels until the end of the race. He sets his eye on the prize and is consistent until he gets to his goal.

3. He is not a product of circumstances, but produces the circumstances necessary to arrive at his desired outcome.

4. This passionate, driven person does not dwell on what can go wrong but what can go right. His

“what if” analysis is not based on negative things but on the positives. He downplays his weaknesses and maximizes on his strengths.

5. He gets up each time he falls because he is resilient and cannot be denied. Motivated individuals do not live in a world of their own, but they believe in making a commitment, putting their heads down and ploughing ahead.

6. A motivated individual is a “top performer”, disciplined, principled and a champion. He may be despised by others who misunderstand him, but that does not discourage him.

7. A highly motivated individual does not do things to please those that are watching or supervising, but without surveillance from superiors or cheering on from cheerleaders, he works while no one is watching and produces results.

8.A highly – motivated individual has the intelligence and mental capacity to be able to separate high – pay off activities from less profitable ones because he recognizes the need to redeem the time and make the best use of his day. He manages time well.

9. A highly motivated individual is not lazy or indolent, but he wears overalls or folds his sleeves and gets to work on his priority projects.

10. This kind of person does not stick to outmoded methods of doing things, but finds new methods and ways of creating better results. What I like about this person is that he is always learning new things.

Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, “Power Thought for Today” motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit him on”>
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