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10 Helpful Tips To Motivate Yourself

1)Listen to motivational songs/music to trigger the inner feelings to strive for more.You can create a playlist to listen to when feeling stressed.

2)Reading self-development or motivational books and APPLY what you learn to constantly put yourself into action and benefit from it.

3)Get a role model of someone that has achieved what you want or someone that can push yourself to greater achievements.This should make you FEEL like them literally as you duplicate their method of behavior and thinking.

4)Have the BIG picture in your mind- your mission,your goal.Visualize yourself in success and not just live day by day.

5)Get a friend/ partner to monitor your progress of work and gauge your journey so that you don’t slack too much.

6)Change your state physically and mentally by clapping hands and reaffirming yourself.

7)Drain symptoms of restlessness by changing your posture and behavior.

8)Fixing up your goals at prominent places to be reminded constantly and also write down your aims/goals to be on track of what you want in life.

9)Put up posters of motivational pictures ,signs or quotations to keep yourself motivated around the clock. You could include posters of famous people too.

10)Exercise motivates you unknowingly as it help ourselves “renew” our body for more working and relieves stress too.It aids motivation such that it keeps us on the go and not feeling too lethargic to do great things.

I hope that these are some good ways you can use to help motivate yourself better.

To your motivated life!

-chimed out

Glenn Tan

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