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10 Insights to Help You Beat Hard Times

Whatever unfortunate situation you find yourself in is for the glory of God my friend because life will send you all the ladders you need to climb, problems you need to overcome and painful situations to be endured. It will all work out for your good if you refuse to be put down. Problems are not designed to kill you because if they were you would be dead by now, but you are still alive because God wants it that way. I have been down that road myself and I clearly understand the need to overcome any situation in order to be numbered among victors.

1. Problems are there to make you strong. I am reminded of how the muscle trainer in the gym becomes fit through the process of enduring the strain on his body by lifting heavy weights and through endurance and resistance he becomes stronger.

2. Painful experience in life may just be the process necessary to give birth to your calling. Give birth to what you must give birth to, the price maybe costly but it could be worth it.

3. There is an idea that will die with you because you have focused on your temporary problems and considered yourself unworthy of producing any good thing. The pleasure and sweetness of victory will be a result of you overcoming, enduring, and getting past your painful experience.

4. The fact that others have forgotten about you and undermined your potential does not mean that you are no longer relevant. I’m reminded of a young man who went through a lot on his pathway to greatness, David, in the Bible. David’s Father and brothers never thought he had anything to offer. His father forgot about him when the prophet Samuel called for the sons of Jesse to anoint the chosen one

5. Your calling will cause you to prevail against all odds. You may seem at first to be the least qualified but your calling qualifies you. I don’t care whether you are called the black sheep, you have been ostracized ridiculed and criticized. Your time to rise from defeat to victory has come.

6. One of the giants we must conquer is the giant of ignorance. Most people don’t know that they don’t know and they think they know. You know that you are on the right path and making progress when you encounter stumbling blocks.

7. You nurture and strengthen your fighting spirit as you overcome overwhelming odds.

8. On the path to greatness you can be misunderstood, misrepresented and mistreated. Joseph, an upright young man, in word and indeed, in the Bible, finds himself in the strange land of Egypt as a slave because of the jealousy of his own blood brothers.

9. Your adversity will open the door for your assignment. It will put you in uncomfortable, downright difficult circumstances, but God will make a way even in the wilderness. Your faithfulness, obedience, submission in the little things, the tough times will open doors for God to prove himself yet again that He has not forgotten about you.

10. You will win if you don’t quit. A crown awaits the one who runs his race, finishes well and strong.

I am a living testimony today that there is hope for those that hold on. How would I have enjoyed restoration if I had not known loss? I am thankful to the Lord for the victories won and the new challenges that I must overcome as I move from glory to glory. I believe you are more than a conqueror as well

Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, “Power Thought For Today” motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit him on”>