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10 Minutes Til Midnight

If I Only Had the Time

“We must be careful not to let our current appetites steal away any chance we might have for a future feast.”

Jim Rohn

Logan’s Run

During the 70’s the sci-fi thriller Logan’s Run ran. The movie tells the story of a society where all of the inhabitants were limited to a total of 30 years in which they could live. That’s right, all the citizens of the city lived a full life of only 30 years.. I can still remember scenes where people are walking about in a controlled environment, every move they make is conspicuously monitored for optimum efficiency.

Big Brother had his eye on all of the inhabitants of this society. They all worn the same clothes, ate at the same time, it was like watching an elaborate version of the Stepford wives.

Then one day our hero, Logan, came of age. It was his time to free up some space for the next crop of people to fill. Well Logan all of the sudden had a change of heart. He decided that his life wasn’t over and, so he decided to run.

Could you imagine living an existence that you could only look forward to 30 years of life and no matter what you were doing at the time of your 30th birthday, you were told, “No more time for you”. It was 10 minutes til Midnight for Logan. He saw the handwriting on the wall. All of his natural life he had been walking around in a drunken stupor. His reality was distorted by what everyone else believed was normal. When it was his time to pay the ultimate price things came into clear view, he got sober really quick.

There is a similar movie currently out in movie theaters. Starring Justin Timberlake, “In Time or Out of Time”, tells the story of a society where you have to buy time. The rich are able to have as much time as they can afford but the poor are always running out of time. This illustrates a point that will be emphasized throughout this book.

The problem with many of us, isn’t that we don’t have enough time. On the contrary, we all are allotted the same amount of time. 24 hours per day is all we are all given but what we do with that precious time is the key to success or failure.

As you read this book keep that salient thought in mind. If you only had 10 Minutes Til Midnight, what would you be doing with your precious time?

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