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10 Reasons Why Average Is Your Enemy Not Your Ally

Ordinary, mediocre, lacklustre are not words that can be associated with top performers such as you. If you are going to be on top of your game you cannot afford to embrace average. Average does not get to the top. Average may end up as second best or runner – up but that is not the goal of participating in the first place. As I write, your mind may be drawn to the sporting world or a popular contest, but I am referring to your life in this instance. I would like you to think of “average” as a person as I share ten reasons why you should not embrace him as a friend because he is your enemy.

1. He does not require you to give your best effort. He keeps you content with contributing the bare minimum and getting a consolation.

2. Average is deceptive. He lies to you that you will make it anyway without paying the price of success

3. Settles for the bronze when you can have the gold. That is right, average settles for less than the best. It doesn’t go for the ultimate prize.

4. Always quits too soon. Average goes not push anyone or anything to the limit. He does not have a life of his own. He quickly gives up and gives in when the chips are down. Flees instead of fights.

5. Average is more interested in security not opportunity. He is complacent and whenever he achieves something, he rests on his laurels and has no consistency

6. He behaves like a friend but is your worst enemy. Average is a lie and a cheat, a friend never to be trusted.

7. Average places no demand on your talent, skill or calling. He is content with a mere existence, does not stand out, and doesn’t have any ambition whatsoever. He thinks it is too much trouble to dare to dream and think that all things are possible

8. Average doesn’t think of others. He is self cantered and does not care how others on the team think and feel about him because he feels as if he is doing the team a favour by merely showing up.

9. Average only satisfies but doesn’t delight. Average is likeable but you won’t fall in love with him, because he holds back, doesn’t let go of him. He is not committed all the way. You are not sure whether he is going to continue to add value to you.

10. Average seeks instant gratification. He thinks that tomorrow will take care of it. He does not have a problem, so long as he gets by and makes it through today.

I have endeavoured to discredit average on the basis of his credentials. I would like to see you at the top, therefore I implore you to embrace excellence instead because he is more reliable.

Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, “Power Thought For Today” motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit him on”>