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10 Reasons Why You Must Develop A Winning Attitude

Winning is first and foremost an attitude that one needs to have before they experience victory. A person cannot go into battle or a challenge with a defeated mind and expect to win. Whether you view yourself as a winner or a loser is entirely up to you. Bad things could have happened to you in the past but what will keep you going is the fact that you have the determination and mental attitude that will cause you to lay claim to that which is yours. I would like you to know that you can have a winning attitude that will enable you to have victory through faith, hope and determination. I would like to share with you ten reasons why you must develop a winning attitude.

  1. A person with a winning attitude approaches life with the conviction that good things are supposed to happen to him. Therefore it is a life filled with expectation.
  2. The power of association can affect how perceptions and attitudes are formed and fostered in one’s mind. The true winner ensures that he only partners with people who have a shared value – system with him
  3. A person with a winning attitude is unstoppable because he sees possibilities with his mind’s eye and goes after them.
  4. The tenacity and drive of a person within whom the winning attitude resides causes him to overcome life – threatening, gut wrenching, absolutely difficult adverse circumstances to produces the results he wants.
  5. The person with a winning attitude knows absolutely no limits and he remains resolute that the higher the odds stacked against him is the deeper the hunger he develops for his achievement.
  6. The winning attitude demands that one blazes a trail and creates a legacy of phenomenal success instead of following the path of mediocrity often travelled by others.
  7. It does not require talent to develop a winning attitude. Where the attitude is present, zeal and determination makes up for the limited skill.
  8. I am adamant that a negative attitude developed by anyone who wants things to change in life is an act of severe sabotage to one’s actions.A good attitude wins friends where it doesn’t win in the battle for position, wealth and fame
  9. True champions do not win at “all costs”, They consider that to achieve victorious results in business or in sport the whilst being true to their own integrity and identity. They play according to the rules.
  10. The winner knows that he must continue to improve on his previous performance, therefore he continues to study, prepare and subject himself to the coaching and training of a trusted mentor.

In conclusion, winning in life is not so much about the accolades and awards but it is about the attitude one develops and the kind of mindset they develop in the process of overcoming and advancing in their chosen pursuit.

Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, “Power Thought For Today” motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit his blog on”>