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10 Skills Everyone Woman Should Rock in Her Lifetime for Better Success and More Happiness

1. Learn to make quick decisions.

Master this one. Make decisions quickly and then move on to the next thing. Each time you put off making a decision, you end up procrastinating, which creates a low energy vibration and leads to disempowerment. You really don’t need to call someone and ask their opinion. You have all the answers, trust yourself and just decide.

2. Get support & learn to delegate.

Learn how to ask for what you need and want. Ask yourself often if doing the task in front of you will get you closer to achieving your goals, and whether you’re the best person to take care task. Know your unique abilities and stay in them 95% of the time. Delegate the rest. Ask for support in the areas of your life you feel you need it. You don’t have to do it alone.

3. Get Back ON Your Bike and Keep Pedaling.

If you fall down, get right back up! Even if you feel like failure and want to curl up and cry…get back up. Resilience is one of the most important traits you can have to succeed in life. If you think that those who are very successful don’t fail, think again. Often, the higher up someone is, the greater the number of falls they’ve had on their way to the top. The less time you spend wallowing in your loss and the faster you get back up on the bike, the more empowered you will feel. Taking action from an empowered place bring much richer results than taking action from a disempowered place.

4. Receive Everything.

A lot of women resist receiving and respond to receiving a compliment by putting themselves down and pointing out their weaknesses – “I don’t know how I did it. I guess I just got lucky.” Own your greatness and accomplishments. If someone wants to buy you a nice meal or gives you a gift, allow yourself to fully receive it. Simply receive graciously. When you receive, you open your heart to more love and abundance.

5. Go Gossip FREE.

Gossiping is a distraction and poison. There is nothing to gain from doing this. It’s a big waste of energy and creates a big bummer vibe. Instead of gossiping, use this energy to create a passionate & sexy life.

6. Learn how to BE HAPPY NOW.

Create inner happiness and practice tools that shift you from a place of feeling down and disappointed to a place of abundance and gratitude. When you’re happy, it will become your set point and you will no longer settle or put up with mediocre results.

7. Project strength with your body language.

Stand up straight in your body and own it! Notice if you’re slouched and constricted or if your body language is open and expansive.

8. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

The only thing that stops us from taking bigger leaps or making change is being uncomfortable. Start right now getting comfortable and stop being uncomfortable. This one will change your life.

9. Say YES more!

We often tell the story that we don’t have time, don’t have the energy or don’t have the money to do something. You will notice that when you begin to say YES, more opportunities appear. Amazing people and more money come in the form of opportunities. Shift your attention to saying YES even if you feel uncomfortable.

10. Claim Your Truth.

The truth always sets us free. When we deny our truth, we create major pain. When you state your truth, you not only free yourself, but others around you and this is really powerful.

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