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10 Top Secret Steps to Help You Move Forward

The place of feeling stuck is not just uncomfortable but frustrating. You may organize your thoughts and all you come up with is wanting to get unstuck. Sometimes you may have tried some thing with little to no lasting success. Following are some steps to assist in continued forward movement.

1. Know what you really want

It is impossible to move forward consistently if you are not sure what you really want. Take time to think about where your life or business is currently and where you want it to be. If what you want changes from one day, week or month to the next, your progress will be slow or stalled all together. From your business to daily situations know your goals, strategize, make your decisions and take action toward that end.

2. Fine tune yourself spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially

We have many parts to our life and making sure each part is running well helps your overall success with moving forward. For example, to be healthy spiritually and mentally, take time to meditate, pray, read, dream and strategize. For your physical health, find out what works and keeps you at peak performance. Learn and know your body, exercise and make sure you eat what is healthy for you. Emotionally, make sure the people who are in your inner circle, those that affect you directly are as healthy as they can be. Financially, make sure you consistently keep a budget, save and spend less than you earn. Being in top condition will give you the strength and stamina to move forward.

3. Take daily action

Every day of your life is preparation for the next day. What you become tomorrow is a result of what you do today. In other words, you are preparing for something through your daily actions. You have a goal in mind. There is something that you are moving toward. Do not negate working on yourself and preparing yourself for the goal. Complete an action each day that will move you toward what you really want.

4. Make sure personal boundaries are clearly defined

This one is huge. If your boundaries are not clearly defined, distractions have a way of sneaking in the cracks of your life and you will find yourself wondering how you got so far off track. This can cause you to feel stuck again and not moving forward. Two of the most important boundaries to uphold are that of your time and your energy. You have only so much to spend of each every day. Make sure neither is being squandered or wasted because of your own choices.

5. Have a futuristic outlook

Rarely does long lasting motivation come from what has happened, but rather from what is about to happen or what can happen. When you wake up in the morning have an aim of something to work toward. Keep what you really want in view. When you do this, it gives you the fortitude to keep moving forward. Ask yourself, “Am I there yet?” and if you are not, keep going.

6. Be willing to change your perspective

When you have the ability to change the way you see a situation, you have a great power to set yourself free and move forward quickly. Problems are only opportunities to change and grow. Situations can be mountains or mole hills; it all depends on your perspective. When something comes up, look first for a way of how you change, how you grow, then deal with the situation. Deal with the positive side of the problem first, and then you can clearly see how to deal more effectively with the problem.

7. Accept total responsibility for your actions

Resist the urge to blame, to look at outside situations. I am not saying that a situation must be all of your responsibility alone but you are totally responsible for your actions. Make sure you take responsibility for the part you played. When you do this, it keeps you from getting stuck, talking about how others, the weather, the chipmunk, or any excuse caused you to do something. The fact is no one is responsible for your actions except you, whether good or bad, be willing to take total responsibility.

8. Let go of what is not working

Be honest with yourself about being stuck in a process that is not working. No matter how much you plan, strategize, dream, write it down, pray, figure it out, sometimes stuff just doesn’t work out like you thought it would. There is a lyric to an old song I believe would be helpful in these types of situations…”If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it, just relax and let it go. Just because that’s how you want it doesn’t mean it will be so.”

9. Remain Consistent

Don’t let the down times slow you down. The process is not always easy but the victory is sweet. There are going to be days when it just seems like what we really want is being delayed and if we focus on the wrong thing, it seems as though it will never happen. In those down times, remain consistent. Do what you know that works for you, everyday. There is a quote that says, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Do not procrastinate, do what you have to do now, and do it consistently.

10. Keep a positive mental attitude

One of the greatest gifts we have is the power to control and direct our minds – remember what we focus and speak on is what we bring into existence. It is imperative not to waste time or energy focusing on what we do not want to happen. What helps to keep a positive attitude is to establish positive principles at the beginning of the day. When a situation comes to pull you down emotionally, remind yourself of the principle and use it to your advantage.

Cynthia L. Hatcher

Business Life Coach and Goals Strategist”>

Cynthia Hatcher is a Business Life Coach and Goals Strategiest who coaches solo entrepreneurs to reach their goals, living their best life so they can have a greater impact. For a free e-book, Stop Struggling and Start Growing visit the website: []

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