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101 Things You Want To Do Before You Die!

Whenever I tell people, even other college motivational speakers, about creating a list of 101 Things to Do in Life, they become overwhelmed. 101 things are so daunting! But is it really?

How long do you really have to get it all done? Just assume that you are going to live until 80 years old-what are the things that you would like to accomplish before then?

There are lots and lots of just-fun goals, personal goals, academic goals, and job related goals. What I found in creating my own list of 101 things to do in life is that coming up with the first 50 was easy, but the last 50 is where I really struck gold. It’s truly fantastic to write out that many things, for the simple reason that it forces us to look past the obvious and really think about what we ACTUALLY want in life.

Again, these are goals – outcomes – not just tasks. Tasks are necessary but so boring! For example, my list included becoming one of the top college motivational speakers in the country as well as running five half-marathon five different countries.

The first of those goals required me winning 3 new speaking engagements in the next week, which is business related and translates into calling and writing up to ninety possible college clients for late spring bookings. The second goal of running in the half marathons means that I have to get up a half an hour earlier every day to complete a seven mile run around the Charles River. During my runs which take about 40 minutes in total, I double up on my sub goals by listening to tapes on self improvement and other related subjects. I know that if I miss a day I will have to double up the effort the following day.

So, what are you waiting for Death? Go to it! And create your own list of all the things you would like to accomplish in life. If you’re still dragging your feet, then Google the term “death clock” and go to the site where you enter your information in and it will tell you on what day you will likely die. I still have 51 more years to go, but there’s certainly time-pressure for me to get going. We don’t have forever, so get out there and make it happen! I certainly don’t expect to join the ranks of all the greatest college motivational speakers by just waiting. Why should you wait?

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