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127 Ways to Make a (Huge) Difference

We all want to believe that who we are matters. We desperately want to know that what we do makes a difference.

That’s not odd. It’s the way that we are made. Our brains are made to search for meaning – to find self-worth.

Like footprints through the timeline of destiny, we like to look back and feel assured that us being there made the world a better place.

“What did we do? How much money did we amass? How many awards did we win? What lasting value did we contribute to history?”

It’s actually a lot easier than that. Changing the future for those around you isn’t about mind-blowing invention, legendary awards, or vested stock options.

It’s the small things that make a different. It’s a lifetime of details expertly managed.

Here are a few (small) ways to make a (huge) difference:

1. Open the door for a stranger

2. Smile at those around you

3. Be a mentor

4. Say, “Thank You”

5. Assume the best in others

6. Fail gracefully

7. Learn from your mistakes

8. Try something new

9. Practice being vulnerable

10. Stop whining

11. Listen to your critics

12. Decide to be optimistic

13. Fear less

14. Get into financial shape

15. Ask more questions

16. Be kind

17. Donate time to charity

18. Read a new biography

19. Let yourself be inspired

20. Teach what you’ve learned

21. Do something outrageous

22. Lead someone

23. Give an opinion when it’s hard

24. Think for yourself

25. Pay off debt

26. Care about others

27. Put in more effort

28. Chose a side

29. Pay attention to the details

30. Ask for help

31. Pay more for quality

32. Be a friend

33. Tell the truth

34. Lend a hand

35. Do physical labor

36. Put in some exercise

37. Let past mistakes go

38. Brag on someone else

39. Decide not to get angry

40. Be invincible

41. Share more

42. Explore new ideas

43. Be more efficient with your time

44. Love someone

45. Be more effective with your talents

46. Stop playing politics

47. Have a dream

48. Meditate on your goals

49. Plan to be successful

50. Get up an hour earlier

51. Pursue your goals each day

52. Be an expert

53. Write down your thoughts

54. Make a list of tasks to get done

55. Stop explaining “why”

56. Apologize more

57. Live with honor

58. Decide to take action today

59. Stay mentally strong

60. Feed your inspiration

61. Practice getting back up

62. Put yourself in tough places

63. Avoid the crowd

64. Fight mediocrity

65. Cry when you hurt

66. Stop being passive aggressive

67. Laugh at life

68. Have a purpose to each day

69. Find answers to your questions

70. Go to bed tired

71. Don’t stop until you finish

72. Be accountable

73. Ask “what you can do better”

74. Be passionate about others

75. Work on your biggest weakness

76. Give a stranger flowers

77. Pay attention to the conversation

78. Replace “No” with “No Thanks”

79. Hold the elevator door

80. Appreciate differences

81. Let someone else get the attention

82. Compliment a great idea

83. Be less selfish

84. Listen with your eyes

85. Work on being p-a-t-i-e-n-t

86. Ease someone else’s pain

87. Say what’s on your mind

88. Slow down (for a minute)

89. Demand brutal analysis of your actions

90. Have a big vision for those around you

91. Create what’s missing

92. Imagine the possibilities

93. Defend your friends

94. Stay in mental shape

95. Care enough to cry

96. Remember the good times

97. Write a kind note

98. Over look immaturity

99. Give away your best idea

100. Offer to help for free

101. Care less about “being right”

102. Stop being offended so easily

103. Have a plan

104. Schedule time to invest in others

105. Value your own time

106. Offer encouragement

107. Share a good example

108. Inspire others quietly

109. Shake hands while looking that guy in the eye

110. Offer to buy dinner or dessert

111. Make a call because “you’re thinking about them”

112. Don’t do anything halfway

113. Decide to learn from everyone

114. Welcome diverse perspectives

115. Do good things for the right reason

116. Shake off the straws (before they break your back)

117. Don’t go to bed angry

118. Get help for your head

119. Let life happen around you

120. Deliberately invest in healing

121. Enjoy others’ success

122. Make a big deal of small wins

123. Decide if caring is more important that winning

124. Share your failures unblemished

125. Put in the effort you expect of others

126. Anticipate the success of others

127. Ask others to “pay it forward”

Bonus 128. – Be a better “you”…

It’s not all you doing something.

“It’s you being.”

You can only “do” so much. But you can “be” a difference 1,000 times today. And just imagine if you did that every day for the next year? You might effect a million different outcomes for the better.

Now think about that 30 years from now.

“What would happen if we didn’t waste the next 30 million small opportunities to make a difference?”

Dan Waldschmidt understands”>explosive performance like few others in the world. He is a former technology CEO, an expert author, and sought-after inspirational speaker. He is husband to a cute gal named Sara and father to two energetic boys. Overall, he’s just an ordinary dude who happens to have an outrageous vision. And he wants to help you change the world…