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2 Highly Effective Self-motivation Tools

Since self- motivation is dependent on one’s own determination and inner change, it also lasts much longer than being motivated by others. You can take someone as your role model and get motivated looking at his or her achievements. But when, for any reason, that person falls of the pedestal, you also end up losing your motivation. Thus self- motivation is the best form of motivation that there is possible.

We tend to not get motivated if we are not sure of the credentials of the person motivating us. We also want to see the actual proof that they have shown in their life. However, when that person fails at any moment in their life, we lose our motivation as well. On the other hand, somewhere inside us, we trust our potential. So we can hardly ever lose this self- motivation, except when we are mind-wiped.

Let us suggest some tools that can come into use for self-motivation.

1. Writing – One of the best tools for self- motivation is writing. When we write, we pour out our thoughts, emotions and intent on paper. So we can also learn about what pushes us to do better. Through this tool, you can also understand in great depth, what the reasons for your doing certain things are.

Your diary is the ideal example of writing being used for self- motivation. If diaries were only written to express yourself, this expression could just as easily be done by talking to a rock. Thus, it can easily be proved that diaries and journals help us get the motivation that is required to live by careful introspection of their thoughts and actions.

In fact, you can use writing as a means of motivating yourself. Whenever you write a reminder to yourself, that is a means of self- motivation. There are so many people across the world who write encouraging and motivation messages to themselves. All the posters carrying self- motivational messages put up on your office and room walls also serve the same purpose.

2. Picture – Another self-motivation tool can also be found in images. People often get motivated looking at certain pictures. The best example of a picture that leads to self- motivation is that showing the three monkeys which brings across the message of “Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil.” Some people in fact put pictures of famous and successful people to look upto them as a role model. If there is a picture that conveys a deep message, it can actually lead people to attain self-motivation.

Thus writing and pictures are the tools used extensively foe self-motivation by people all across the world. They give people the much-needed boost to go on ahead in life.

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