2008 – The Year You Finally Make It

Many folks have dreams and goals that are quite optimistic and yet somehow they are so elusive that the never achieve them. They believe they can achieve them, well, almost. It is widely known that to achieve you have to believe, but something is holding them back. Is it because they secretly deep down do not believe they deserve them? If not them then who deserves these joys of life?

Well, if you are striving for success in your work, family or perhaps some sport or competition, then you must make 2008 your year, the year you break through and succeed. Why wait until next year to be great, it’s time to go for it in 2008. Why not this year? What is so special about 2009 or 2010 for that matter? If you want something you have to go out and get it.

There is a famous quote goes something like this; “Winners never quit, and a quitter can never win.” And believe me when I tell you that most people quit just before they end up winning, they give up because it is too tough, and too much work or they just cannot see the finish line. Please do not be one of them. After these folks, give up they often look back and say; “Had I known I was that close I would have kept going,” unfortunately in hindsight that leaves little consolation.

You must commit to go the distance and to persevere and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes so help you god. When you look in the mirror and say that, you are ready to make 2008 your greatest year yet!

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