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2008 Tips For the Winner

The winner is the man who refuses to surrender, show me a bad loser, and I’ll show you the inner winner. A winner knows how to accelerate into the future and never ever look back, he could care less when persnickety malcontents attack. A winner knows he will win before the battle starts he sees it in his mind and can feel it in his heart.

He knows you must believe to achieve and it is the present and past where he creates his weave, understanding that the future depends on his strength of character and how it’s perceived. If you want to emulate the winner and eminent achiever, you must demand of yourself, like no other. The secret to success is simple he will say; you must; “Make Lots of Friends, Work Smart, Work Hard, and Never give up!” if you wish to be standing at the end of the day.

Winning has never been easy, indeed, it never was, you work harder than everyone else, just because. Why, well you believe that you must do whatever it takes, work through the night to accomplish that goal to achieve. Winning is not for the weak of mind, it takes brawn and brains, as you work off your behind.

Adversity builds character and you’ll need lots of that, but if you power through you’ll always know where you are at. Sometimes you’ll stumble and yes you will fall, but when you get up and dust yourself off, it will surprise them all. Because your made of tough stuff and refuse to quit, you’ll keep on going when others say; Enough is enough. I want you to win because I know you can forget the losers, who say you can’t.

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