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2012 And You

‘There are three days in the life of a man; they are yesterday today and tomorrow,’ so said late Pastor Gbenga Abosede who died on the 23rd of December 2010. As the year is winding up; many are thinking of what 2012 holds for them.

The past is gone; and how much you think of it can’t bring it back. The present is a reality taking many by unpleasant surprises. To some, its like they slept yesterday only to wake up and find themselves on a highway today with cars approaching them with a deadly speed. The future is another challenge. To the unprepared, it’s like a fantasy. Many are simply confused. They don’t know which way to go, yet they are passionate about it. What is passion without wisdom? What is speed without direction? What is motion without vision?

Hello friend what matters is not the Federal Government budget for the nation but how you respond to GOD’s plan for the year. My brother, Akpo Madagwa once said to succeed in Nigeria you must be a government yourself. You have to provide your water, electricity, road, etc. On the contrary I think the way out is holding on to GOD HE owns the gold you desire for the year. The first step to failure in 2012 is looking for who to blame. To be frank with you; like this year next year holds no plan for you. Yes, no plan. It takes you to plan for the year.

I am not anti-government; I am only of the opinion that if you want it you can get it even if the government says no. During Bill Clinton Administration; America was filled with the poor, the middle class, the rich and the wealthy. So it was during George Bush Administration, so it is in Barak Obama administration and so it will be if you happen to be the next president of the United States of America. Even if you are a school principal, you can’t break the principle. It’s that rigid. You can only decide where you belong. After all the day GOD presented man with the option of choice that day HE made him a governor over his life.

If you choose to stay on top in year 2012; you want go below, by GOD’s grace. Don’t stumble into the year. According to the motto of Boys Scout; always be prepared. You will be great in life.