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3 Areas Where You Might Be Working Hard at Procrastination

Some people believe in working hard, others in working smart. Either way will help you work through your procrastination.

I am the Queen of Procrastination. I have worked very hard to get here. I rarely finish anything I start unless I have to turn something in. That is a problem when you work for yourself.

Knowing that procrastination is a problem is not enough. You must look for a solution. A good procrastinator analyzes things to death. The queen of procrastination procrastinates in looking for a solution to this problem.

At this point, it is irrelevant why you wait for the last minute to do something. It is more important to overhaul your attitude and start from zero. Some of you will start working harder thinking that if you work hard you will stomp procrastination. The question is what are you working on? A person that procrastinates may or may not be a failure in every aspect of their lives. Those who are not failures are hard at work on every other aspect of their lives, avoiding the one area where they are famous for procrastinating. You can see this a lot in overweight people. They are usually great parents, good friends, solid workers or managers. Yet, they have tried every diet without success and it is impossible for them to stick to an exercise plan. They may even be overachievers in many areas, avoiding the one area that makes them a failure. They are working hard, just not in the area they should be.

Then you have the people who work smart. They can also be smart enough to avoid the pain spot. And so, they work smart in all areas of their lives that are already successful, ignoring those where they procrastinate. Is there a solution? Let’s look at three areas where procrastination hides behind something else.

1) Pain: Stop working so hard at procrastinating by figuring out what is the pain you are trying to avoid. If your problem is weight, there might be a psychological issue behind the fat. Get some good counseling, face your demons and move on a little bit at a time.

2) Fear: If your fear makes you procrastinate, then you need to create a new fear. It is said that people are moved to action to avoid pain. Then you have to figure out what is the pain of not accomplishing your goal and associate more fear to not doing it than to procrastinating.

3) Laziness: If you think your procrastination is based on laziness, get some help and tackle the project. Sometimes we need unbiased third parties to rise above our challenges. They can also provide different perspectives and figure out how to handle these issues.

Whatever is causing your procrastination, stop working so hard at avoiding it. Look for the signs, get some help and do something, anything to move you forward.

Are you ready to look at procrastination from a completely different perspective? Then join us at [] and get ready to be challenged. Thanks for reading.