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3 Do-Able Steps to a Balanced YOU!

You can feel empowered to reach for the stars, find the balanced you, and JUST DO IT all with one whiff. The use of aromatherapy is a personal choice–one that brings enjoyment, healing, balance, and beauty. The use of specific oils will help you relax or give you that boost of energy.

The use of therapeutic grade oils will make a physical change in your body

It is important that when you are using essential oils that you use therapeutic or Grade A oil. The quality of the oil is very important if you want to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful tool. One of my favorite scents is rose. It takes 60,000 pedals to make one pound of rose oil. To get the therapeutic properties the pedals are distilled for 48 hours otherwise it is just a nice fragrance for perfumes. Once again this fun tool can be used to change the frequencies in the body from feeling down to feeling great and ready to take on the world. Two of my other favorite oils are lavender and peppermint. When I need to relax or have skin problems, lavender is great for that. The oil I carry with me all the time is peppermint. I love the energy and the fresh breath it gives me. Never need to worry about bad breath out in public again.

Oils are fun and easy to use

Some of the common questions I am asked are how do I use them and where do I put them? Here are some easy do-able answers. You only need a few drops to feel the difference. The easiest thing to remember is to massage into the areas of stress, where it hurts, or where you feel tense. Always put oils on the bottom of the feet because there are 3,000 pores per square inch in your feet and they will absorb fast. Oils will affect the entire body within 20 minutes, sometimes change will be faster. This should be a fun thing and a scent that you enjoy. With high grade oils your body will tell you if it doesn’t want it because the aroma will not be pleasant. So don’t use that particular oil at that time. That doesn’t mean that you would not like it later. Like anything else, the body gets saturated and needs a time to rest from that particular essential oil. Otherwise, don’t be shy; just smear it on and have fun!

You can actually feel your mood change

Lavender, peppermint, and rose oils can provide many wonderful benefits for you. One of the easiest oils to use is peppermint. I have been able to rid myself of headaches by rubbing it on the back of the neck. I love using it to make my breath smell fresh but it gives a great energy boost. There was a study done at Washington University that proved that a whiff of peppermint oil will give you the same boost of energy as a cup of coffee. BUT IT IS ADDICTION FREE. Peppermint, as you may already know, helps with digestive problems. I used it on a cruise recently and was free from motion sickness. I even used it on my dog so she can ride with us in the car. Yes, therapeutic oils are safe for animals too. The use of oils are fun and you receive such wonderful benefits–Go ahead and indulge in the fun!

By using these pure essential oils you can maintain a healthy balance in your life and enjoy the benefits of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Action: Find a company that offers Grade A therapeutic oil and then pick one or two of your favorite scents and find out what it will do for you. The second step is to use them and enjoy the mood shifts you will feel.

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Karen is a sought after wellness motivator, who merges fun with simple steps that instruct and empower her audiences. Audiences consider Karen Anderson an inspiring and motivating speaker.

A former music educator for over 25 years, Karen Anderson has taught hundreds of students in every age range. Today, Karen combines her love of music and health to teach the connection between the mind, body and mood using natural alternatives and tools that can easily compliment any busy lifestyle. Karen, a 2006 NAWBO Outstanding Women Leaders nominee is a Wellness Motivator and is working towards her PhD in Holistic Nutrition.