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3 Facets of Self Motivation – Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration

Cerca Trova — Seek and you shall find or He who searches shall find. This is an old Italian saying.

Do you lack motivation? Are you seeking a mentor or guide to give you directions? Can’t find one? Look into self. You will get some motivation there. You just need an extra push. Here is the guideline to help you finding the self motivation.

1. Inspiration: Look at people around you. Read autobiographies of successful people. Go through the list of Time 100 most influential people. Everyone has struggled and come out with panache. What made them successful individuals? Why you can’t be a successful person too. Seek inspiration from these people. Inspire yourself by mapping their life sketches to yours.

2. Aspiration: You must have dreams to live for. You must have a passion to crave for. You must have some objectives in mind. You know what will make you successful and contented. Aspire for it. Break your larger goal into smaller ones. Milestones after milestones, you’ll reach there. Persistence is the mantra.

Whenever you feel low and lack motivation to march forward in achieving the goal, look into your past achievements and then estimate what remains to be done. Sharpen your skills. Start from here again. Again, break larger goal into smaller milestones. Think hard and start the voyage again.

3. Perspiration: There is no short cut to hard work. Rather, hard work is short cut to success. So work hard to realize your passion. Don’t get afraid of failures. As they say failures are pillars to success. You will understand the truth of this saying only if you persistently try to achieve your aspirations and do not give up in the midway.

As a whole, motivation comes from self realization. So seek to understand about your goals, your resources, your capability and kind of pressure you can handle. This understanding doesn’t come easy. But practice makes you perfect in self realization, ultimately leading you to self motivation.