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3 Features Of A Great Motivation Program

1. Offer Incentives – there is no better way to get the most out of an employee than to offer him incentives upon the successful completion of the tasks assigned to him, especially if he finishes it before time. However, different incentives work for different people. A man with a family may be content in being let off from work early, while another would be happier with a monetary bonus for extra work, while still another would be content with an extra day off. So, managers would do well to know their employees and deal with each one separately as difficult as it may seem.

2. Interaction – High communication levels are a boon to any situation. Interaction between bosses and employees breaks the ice, and leads to a happier work environment. A boss should be approachable enough for an employee to be able to make suggestions to him. At the same time, do not let the run for incentives become so fiercely competitive that it builds walls between your different departments. Therefore employee interaction is vital between employee and employee as well, and care should be taken to encourage this. Negative interaction cal destroy a company.

3. Repetitive Incentives – Care should also be taken that incentive motivation seminars and programs are implemented on a regular basis, so that employees do not think they are being coaxed just for temporary profits of the company. The employee of the month is a great idea. However, it is also good to use new ideas and new incentive programs at regular intervals, so the employees do not feel that they could always do it next time around.

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