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3 Key Terms That Will Help You Get Out Of That Rut

Feeling down is one of those states of mind that I see way too often. I’m not underestimating real issues such as depression and other health concerns; however, I also know that the term ‘feeling down’ might just be a little overused these days. I can understand. With the impact of the economic climate on jobs, housing and everything else, it is natural that at some point we just feel exhausted and like giving up.

Well, if that is your case, I am speaking to you today. The truth here is that while OK to take a break to renew our spirits and to recharge the physical and mental health; it is not healthy to allow ourselves to fall on the ‘feeling down’ trap. I think it is especially important to think very clearly about the realities of our states of mind and start grabbing the bull by the horns.

Pay close attention to your feelings and emotions. If you find yourself feeling ‘down’ way more often that you’d like and provided that there are no physical or mental health issues; then it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Bottom line: life goes on while you are feeling sorry for yourself. Granted; there is a lot of stuff happening that you may not have control over. I agree. But the key point is that there are many other things that you DO have control over. Start with you! When you start to feel better, the whole panorama starts to change. Here are a few of my ideas on this subject; I use the acronym TBA…Trust, Believe, Accept.

Trust: in order to move forward you have to trust that you have what it takes to move forward. That simple. You have to trust that circumstances can be changed and that your intuition and wisdom can lead you to greener pastures.

Believe: believe in yourself. Sounds corny and almost cliche but the reality is that if you do not believe that you are unique, special and already possess the talents necessary, nobody will.

Accept: Accept and love yourself the way you are. It is important because so many people wish they were someone else, or that they had what someone else has…Also, accept that there are some things that you cannot control (death, some illnesses, for example.) Ultimately you do have control over yourself, your attitude towards life and towards change and finally, you need to acknowledge that there is always a choice.

Although these TBA principles overlap a little, it is important to me to name them individually. I strongly believe that when you love and accept yourself; when you believe that you have the power to change things and when you acknowledge that you have a chose; you will feel empowered to make things happen and as far as I know; forward action is the best medicine for feeling down. If you are busy doing, creating, moving; you probably don’t have time to feel down. Plus, feeling active goes hand in hand with being alive and what better feeling that knowing you are doing what you were meant to? By your choice and by your own calling. Start today, start right now; ask yourself whether this feeling of being ‘down’ is real and has real merit or whether it is a reflection of a state of mind that shows inaction, helplessness and despair. There is always a choice and I urge you today to choose to get out of the rut.

If you find that you are down and don’t know how to get unstuck; life coaching might be for you.

© 2010 Maria Martinez

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