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3 Keys to Dealing with Life’s Difficulties

Sometimes life can really get the best of you. You feel like you’re drowning under all the pressure. You need someone or something to breathe new life into you. Well today, I’m going to give you some CPR. I won’t let you die on me. You’ve got too much to live for and far too many blessings to grab hold of!

God never promised your road would always be easy. He never said you would know all the answers. He never assured you that you wouldn’t struggle sometimes, but one thing is certain: If you keep moving toward your goal, you’ll make it.

CPR is an acronym for three words:

1. Consistence

2. Persistence

3. Resilience

Be Consistent. Be disciplined. Be focused. Don’t give a half-hearted effort. Rather, everyday, do something to get closer to your goals. It makes no sense to get frustrated with a situation, especially when you haven’t worked at it with any regularity. You can’t be, “On again, off again,” and expect to see the results you want.

Think about something for a moment. How much further would you go in life, if you were more consistent? You would reach your goals much faster, wouldn’t you? If you look at some of your biggest failures and disappointments in life, they can often be traced back to an undisciplined lifestyle.

Þ You didn’t consistently pay the bills.

Þ You didn’t consistently eat the right foods.

Þ You didn’t consistently show up for work on time.

Þ You didn’t consistently study for class.

Þ You didn’t consistently save money.

Consistency is the key that unlocks limitless possibilities. Do the little things consistently and you’ll see big results in your life!

Be persistent. Be unstoppable. Be unflinching. When you set your mind to do something, don’t let anything deter you. Refuse to quit. I mean, get indignant about it. You have to realize that, you don’t have anything to lose, but you have everything to gain.

Unfortunately, too many people lack follow-through. They start something, but they give up before it has a chance to work. At the first sign of trouble, they abort the mission. But that’s no way to live. You’ll never accomplish anything significant if you don’t stick to it. You have to remain persistent. Work at it and then, work at it some more. It’ll come together. But don’t you quit.

Be Resilient. Be strong. Be firm. Be unyielding. Be unmovable. Be resistant to fear. Resist the temptation to cave in under pressure. That’s how you overcome. You’ve got to be obstinate and stubborn in your belief. Tell yourself, “I can do this.” Better yet say, “I will do this.”

When something comes to knock you down, get back up again and keep moving. That’s what resilience is all about.

You’ve got the goods to make it happen. You’ve got everything it takes. Yes you do! Don’t argue with me . . . I said you do. So then, why doesn’t it feel like you do? Because you’re letting the difficulty of the challenge get inside your head. Don’t do that.

Instead, plant your feet, dig your heels in, and pull out that strength inside of you. I told you before, some victories are hard fought. Everything doesn’t always flow naturally. Some days are easier than others. Remember difficult and doable aren’t mutually exclusive. What do I mean by that? I mean, you can succeed at something, even when it’s hard. It just takes more focus and more resolve. When you resist failure you make success possible.

So, if you’re thinking of throwing in the towel, or if you’re battling with your confidence in your ability to make it through something, here’s what I want you to do.

Imagine me grabbing you by both arms, looking you squarely in the eyes and shaking you. This is what I’m saying: “Don’t you dare give up. There have been times I thought I couldn’t make it. There have been times I felt like I was in way over my head. There have been times I didn’t know how things would work out. But God brought me through it and He’s going to do the same thing for you!”

I mean it. I know it can be nerve-wracking when the pressure is on. You feel uncertain about whether you can make it. You’re unsure about how things will turn out.

But you don’t have to be afraid. All you have to do is let this CPR work. Be consistent persistent, and resilient. Now, take a deep breath and snatch your confidence back. It’s all going to come together. I know it will.

Until next time . . . may you be empowered to prosper!

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