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3 Keys to High Motivation Levels

“I just can’t get motivated!” is something that I hear people say with regularity. When I hear them utter those words I know that there is an underlying cause. There are 3 principles that are not being used.

If you can’t seem to get motivated. If you can’t bring yourself to do the things that you know that you should be doing right now then there are three keys which you should consider using.

1) Affirmation- What you say is what you get. Begin to speak in an affirmative way about your aspirations. Begin saying to yourself “I know what I want and I am determined to get it.”

This simple affirmation repeated several times throughout the day will give you an added boost of energy and enthusiasm for doing what it takes to get what it is that you want.

2) Determination- Be determined to stick with your work habits despite the many setbacks that come your way. Your work ethic will determine your success. If you are consistent and persistent in doing the daily tasks that your dream or goal requires then you will get into a groove. You will develop a rhythm. That rhythm will give you momentum.

Once momentum is established then your progress improves. You gather force, speed, and power like a snowball rolling downhill.

Seeing progress will motivate you even more. You must be determined to put in the work until you see positive results.

3) Inspiration- You have got to have a powerful desire that inspires you to take action. Without inspiration you are dead in the water. Inspiration is the fuel that powers your initiative and activity. Inspiration simply stated is your “why.” Your reason for doing what you need to do. What is it that you want and why do you want it? If you have an answer to that question then you have your inspiration.

Take that dream and put it at the forefront of your mind. Center your attention on it. Do that and lack of motivation will cease being a problem for you. A powerful dream will drive you to act.

Use these three keys- Affirmation, Determination and Inspiration in conjunction with one another in order to maintain high levels of motivation. They will help you accomplish your goals as you stay highly motivated along the way.

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