3 Keys to Staying Motivated

Motivation is an essential ingredient for consistently achieving goals and accomplishing significant tasks. However, you don’t always feel motivated to do what you know you should do. Here are three keys to maintaining a steady, high level of motivation. 

Direction. One of the biggest causes of lack of motivation is an absence of true direction. Set goals which are clear, compelling, and meaningful to you. Write your goal down and get pictures of it. Make it crystal clear in your mind. Define your target and never let your attention stray away from it. When you know where you are going you’ll stay upbeat, energetic and enthused about going there.

Action. When you take action you stir up your positive emotions and you rid your self of procrastination. When you are in motion you worry less. There is less time for it. When you are in the process of taking action anxiety gets replaced with anticipation. You are working towards a desired end and your focus gets directed to that goal.

Repetition. Repeat positive statements. Say positive words to yourself over and over again. State phrases like these:


  • With every action that I take I move closer and closer to my goal.
  • I am winning because I am doing what it takes.
  • Right now I am taking the proper actions and I am getting the ideal results.

The more you repeat these affirmations the more motivated you will be. You will find that the combination of work and self talk give you the positive mindset that you need to overcome discouragement. No matter what the circumstances appear to be you will still win. You insure your victory when you keep repeating the words which keep your mind on the desired results.

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From Anthony D. Carter – a leading expert on motivation.