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3 Main Components of Motivation

There has been a lot written about motivation. Indeed, I have created a book about it. Interestingly, even though I have written other books, the one about motivation seems to be the one that people like or need the most.

What is it about motivation that we find so hard? I would guess the most difficult part is that we have to keep it up, preferably at all times. When we go to the gym, we do our workout and then it is done. When we have to finish a project for work, again, we work on it for a certain period of time and then it is over; delivered, finished.

Motivation is a different cookie, though. We need it to be there when it is time to go to the gym, we need it to be there when we have to finish the project, and we need it to be there when our children still can’t spell “electricity”, after practicing for weeks. In my view, that always-needed presence of motivation is the reason people are so interested in having it.

The 3 main components of motivation are:

1.) Direction

2.) Effort

3.) Persistence

Out of these 3 components, persistence is perhaps the one people struggle with the most. Usually, when we decide on something, we have our direction; we know where we want to go. Effort is individual and for a certain period of time we are prepared to really give it our all. However, after a while even the most motivated of us start to feel less enthusiastic and often, in the end, we give up, especially if things don’t happen fast enough.

This is when the role of persistence is so important. Those who keep going after their goal or desire are usually those who, in the end, achieve it. The road to it might have been uphill but the victory is so much sweeter as a result. Consider this next time you are about to give up your efforts – the results might be just round the corner. It would be a pity to leave them there and not reach out for them. With a bit of good old persistence, you can do it without too much hassle.

Natalie Ekberg is an international personal and executive coach and offers self-improving, motivational and coaching e-courses and e-books as well as face-to-face and telephone coaching.