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3 Powerful Tools For Inner Motivation

You may think that enthusiasm and motivation go hand in hand, but that’s not necessarily true. You can be incredibly enthusiastic about your goals, but not sufficiently motivated to take action so it does you little good.

One good way to get motivated is by observing others that are successful in life. Seeing or reading about people overcoming challenges can give you the urge to push forward yourself, and that’s a great way to pump up your motivation. However, external motivation is temporary in nature – especially when you encounter an intimidating obstacle – leaving you constantly seeking more and more inspiration from others.

If you instead focus on generating your OWN inner motivation, you will tap into a bottomless ocean of energy that can power whatever you do.

Here are a few ways to create a continuous current of motivation:

1) Make the journey the reward. One major reason we lose motivation is because the prize at the end of the road seems so far away. If I told you that you were going to inherit a million dollars ten years from now, you’d probably say, “Wow, great – but why ten years?! Can’t I have it now?” Knowing that ten long years stand between you and a feeling of satisfaction is unpleasant, to say the least. We like instant gratification; screw waiting months or years for the payoff! You can overcome this mind-set by making it your mission to accomplish things simply for the sake of accomplishing them. Let each step of the journey be a reward all its own. Allow yourself to feel really good about the progress you’re making, and enjoy each phase of the process.

2) Push yourself beyond any perceived limitations. Make it your mission to blast self-limitations out of your reality. As soon as you encounter something you believe you “can’t” do, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and prove that belief wrong! Let your adrenaline flow and your determination grow. Focus on becoming the most powerful YOU possible. With the resulting high from such amazing feats, you’ll be saying, “Payoff? What payoff?”

3) Look for the payoff in every activity. Even though reaching the big goal at the finish line will be a great feeling, you can also choose to FIND a payoff in everything you do along the journey to get there. Let’s face it, if something feels like a waste of time, you will find reasons not to do it. It’s amazing how easily we can trick ourselves into a sense of futility – even though logically we know it’s not true. But remember, perspective can make the difference! Even if you feel that something is a waste of time (but know it isn’t) find the payoff. Identify what you’ll GAIN from it, and stay focused on that. Your motivation will skyrocket.

When it comes right down to it, no one else can motivate or de-motivate you. It is ALL dependent upon your own attitude, and your own determination to keep going. When everything is said and done, the bottom line is this: if your goal is THAT important to you, you will keep at it no matter what obstacles appear in your path. Only you can create the incentive to forge ahead, or the excuses to slack off. Sink or swim; succeed or fail miserably – it’s up to you.

Dror Camon is an Internet marketing business coach and mentor.