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3 Reasons Holiday Corporate Team Building Works

I love this time of year. I find that more team work is exhibited during the holiday season than any other time of the year. Everything from a family working together to put together a family holiday meal, to a corporate work team having a holiday party, or groups of people helping out with making sure underprivileged kids get gifts that they may not normally get without someone caring enough to organize a team to give back to their local community. It is my observation that there are 3 reasons that corporate team building is so effective at this time of year.

The first reason is that corporate teams tend to look out for their fellow man during the holiday season. Corporate teams or groups come together to participate in some kind of activity that focuses on giving back to another underprivileged person or group. They will either sponsor a child or a whole family to buy gifts or holiday meals. They feel it’s their responsibility to ensure that others get to enjoy the season as well.

The second reason is that people, for the most part, are happier at this time of year more than at other times of the year. Holiday parties or corporate team building events are something that team members look forward to because they are more inclined to celebrate with others during this season. Even the most stoic (or Grinch-like) person tends to melt when they receive a card or present from a fellow team member.

The third reason that holiday corporate team building works is that people feel great when they give back. Most people know the old adage that “It’s better to give than receive”. But, it seems that giving back during the holiday season makes us feel just a little better. We feel more blessed and want to share our good fortune with others by making their holiday season a little brighter. Giving back to our local community is a company’s way of saying “We care about those around us.”

There are many ways that a team can give back. Helping at a food shelter, sponsoring a child or family, or taking up an offering from the group.

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