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3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Talent

Do you have a dream or a wish you are afraid to try? Do you have a hidden talent that you have abandoned feeling you are not good enough?

What is it going to take for you to start? Many people have talents that are left untapped for fear of what others may think. You might know how to play a musical instrument, sing, paint or write poetry. Then one day, one person said something bad about that talent and it made you question your ability. That seed took hold in your heart and soon you abandoned your gift altogether.

I give you three reasons to go ahead:

1) Talent takes practice. If you play an instrument, you would benefit from practicing, even if it is just for an hour a day. I once read somewhere that if you study one hour a day, you become an expert in five years. Practice what you love.

2) Your talent might keep disease away. Our talents are things that we love to do. I don’t know about you, when I do something I love, time stops and stress vanishes. It is the same with any activity you love to do. Stress is a mayor contributing factor in many illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Do it for your health and your sanity.

3) The only person you should want to please is you. Always remember that when a person expresses an opinion, it is about them and not about you. Maybe that person admires you or envies you. Who knows why people make comments. The important thing here is to keep it in perspective. If someone hates your painting, it is about their inability to have a positive experience with it. It has nothing to do with you. If you like it, that should be enough.

I hope one of these observations will encourage you to pursuit your passion.

Roxana Nunez is the author of the AvidDiva blog, as well as ACMN Production, a writing and virtual assistance service. You can sample her work here or at”> for a more business oriented spin.