3 Significant Keys on How to Do Battle With a Lack of Motivation

There are a number of reasons why a person is not motivated at any time in ones life. We are going to have a look at what can be done to find motivation again. These did not come from a book I am copying down to make an article, These are simply my own thoughts.

Key 1 – What makes you happy?

Even the best job in the world can become very tiresome and you can lose all motivation to get up in the morning to do it. You need to look at what you have a lack of motivation in and look at what was it that used to make you happy about it.

a) Was it when you had less responsibility and now you have been promoted and have more. You need to look at going back. b) Where you happier when you only did 40 hours at work and now you are doing 60?..you need to look at going back

You see my point? Find out what made you happy and try and get it back.

Key 2 – If you could change one thing and that would make you happy than do it.

I am always happier when I am busy and being used by the Lord. When I am not busy I get depressed and very sad with life. I am always in the business of getting busy and when one direction stops in my life and one door shuts I am always looking for the next door to open. If you need to be busy, find out how you can be busy.

If you need to change something, make the change if you can and you will be happier.

Key 3 – Have a break

If you are worn down from doing something you love and have become de-motivated, take a holiday for a week or two and re-charge your batteries reading books or surfing or getting a tan. I had a 6 week break from writing articles and now I am fresh and happy to go at it again. Without that break I would have not written many in that 6 weeks as I was depressed.

I hope this has helped you.

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